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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  September 29, 2010 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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life as changed in the last 40 days, that that will come up next week, e-mail us tonight. from new york, good night america. welcome to "red eye." it is like "can't stop the music" if by music you mean odor. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. what's coming up on tonight's show? >> president obama gives an extensive interview to "rolling stone." for those under 50 it is a magazine. for those over 30, a magazine -- for those over 50 it is a magazine. and for those under 30, a magazine is -- never mind. and finally, how sleezy is allen gracen? he is so sleezy. greg? >> thank you, andy. >> i should be angry if the time were convenient. i apologize for nothing. >> i hope your face falls off and is eaten by an adorable
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fawn. >> thank you. >> all right. you know what we should do? let's welcome our guests. i am here with leeann, the host of nbc's "poker after dark," the card game. and the national heads up poker championship. she's so hot i tried selling her at a pawnshop. and my repulsive sidekick, bill shultz. he stinks of drain hair and sorrow. he has his own audience apparently. and next to me, the comedian paul mccurio, without the "r." if hilarity was the splits, i would do him in a a leotard. and our new york times correspondent, good to see you, pinch. >> take a began der at the science section story on the importance of frequent prostate exams. i am 150 years old, so i suppose i should have mine checked now, greg. and let me know where my prostate is. >> bill often gives you your prostate exam. >> yes, i would like someone to use gloves. go to it, greg.
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no time like the present. >> shut up. well it looked pretty lame which is why no one came. i speak of the coffee party. remember that? me either. but apparently the self-proclaimed fossil alternative to the tea party held its convention in louisville, kentucky, a city in a state. and tens of people showed up. okay, 350 people actually showed up for the restoring american democracy or "rad" convention. i am told 330 of them were really boring. don't worry, johnny five was there to bring the crowd right back to life. >> there is a little chant and it goes, you can't stop the movement. we think you can't stop the movement. it goes, you can't stop, you can't stop. >> the movement. >> you can't stop. >> the movement. >> a movement, a movement. you can't stop. >> a movement. >> you can't stop. >> a movement.
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>> you can't stop. >> a movement. >> that's it, right? that's the chapt. -- the chant. >> it is funny watching a guy tell elderly people, you can't stop a movement. apparently he hasn't been to the pharmacy because there are lots of things that can stop a movement. >> is that guy trying to be eminem? could they maybe have had caffeine before they do the chant. they are like, [sluring] >> i am not done with johnny five. i want to show you more. >> obviously that is the rap name. >> let's see more of his dope flow. >> you can't stop -- >> a movement. >> you can't stop -- >> a movement. a movement, a movement. >> ♪ i come from denver ♪ a city in the center ♪ please remember ♪ that rhetoric was tainted ♪ the picture was painted
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♪ wash the human beings off the map ♪ ♪ america perceived it ♪ to conquer land whatever the expenses ♪ they covered them quickly ♪ ♪ discovered to make a way ♪ other people pay with their misery ♪ ♪ to fight for god and country ♪ >> the only guy under 60 ran out of the room. >> and then you can hear the gunshot. >> you know why? he couldn't stop his movement. >> how progressive is this party that the white guy is singing the music and the black guy is next to him. >> the best part is when he grabbed the microphone. it was like, he was gonna show him how to do it. >> it is belike the black guy is his back up dancer. really, everyone was so old. i appreciate johnny 5's passion to come out to the coffee party, but wrong audience. >> bill, you were in the green
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room and you said to me he had mad skills. >> not at wrapping, but he is a great accountant. >> he does great landscaping on the weekend. does president he cut your sh ru bs? >> as far as those skills are concerned, they're mad. one thing i respect about this guy is johnny 5 is a reference to short circuit. that was number five's name after he became -- he realized he was alive and he wanted a human name and he was johnny 5. we have a hard core rapper referencing a talking robot from the 80s. >> i don't think that kid was even alive for the movie "short circuit." >> you do a lot with tea parties, don't you? people always make fun of the tea party movement. you can see a lot of old people and people dressed up. but they would never have had this. this is ridiculous. >> never. tea partiers to me are pissed off americans that want change. and people used to take them.
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>> the only thing between this and the tea party is they would be doing it in a uniform. >> he is stealing my next joke. >> by the way, there are more hitler muss stashes. >> i want to punch you. are you defending hitler muss stashes? aren't you jewish? >> no, i am catholic. the difference between -- the tea party is real because it is based on organic anger. and the coffee party is a reaction. it is not a reaction to anger. it is reaction to a movement. >> right. it is like co-oping a 30 party we don't need. it is like the car commercial that compares itself to the other car and claims it is better. it is not better. you go buy the other car. that's what they are doing. >> exactly. and that's why people don't care. 300 people? really, nobody cares. >> bill, here is an interesting thing. she said nobody covered. it in the beginning, the mainstream media was covering it. cnn did a lot of the coffee
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parties. >> made the announcement. >> and then it went away. >> operative numbers are cn and n. people are being watched. cnn knows this will happen. i would say the coffee party is trying to disenfranchise them. that's lame. you have to bring the drugs and you don't call it a coffee party. you call it a party party. >> this is the last thing they -- they couldn't think of a way to get it worse. this is a problem that they should organize and discuss. this kind of thing. i blame facebook. everybody on facebook thinks they matter if they are in a group. can't we go back to the good old days of the internet and porn? >> exactly. they have twisted it into something unhealthy. they went from porn to social networking. >> i actually think facebook would help these people. clearly none of them are on it. if they came together in a fake way on-line, they wouldn't be having this. >> they are so old -- > i will say this.
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we are making fun of the coffee party which is easy. but the tea party, i have just a clip, and this was from the beverly hills tea party from this weekend. can we run this? >> see, i think having a white rapper is worse. but wos -- but costumes, ban the costumes. >> there is a lot of rage here. how is the tea party any different from the gay pride parade? is there any difference? >> it is only about two miles from beverly hills. >> there you go. absolutely. >> and not enough banana hammocks. >> i am wearing one right now. >> i am, actually, over my pants. in order to have an actual movement you have to be angry about something. and you know what that means. it is time for the greg-alogue. it is a clove of coherence and a spike rack of rage.
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>> i have pieces of meat in my mouth driving me crazy. do you see it there? president obama was just interest viewed in "rolling stone" magazine. when asked about fox news, this is what our commander-in-chief had to say -- "i think fox is part of the tradition that is a very clear, undeniable point of view. it is a . of view i disagree with. it is interest point of view i think it destructive for the long-term growth of a country that has a vibrant middle class and is competitive in the world. as an economic enterprise, it's been wildly successful." okay, let me get this straight. you are the president of the united states with both houses under your control. you also have the most fawning press in the history of the universe and you let them get under your skin because they are the only network with no thrill up their leg? they own the ref and the fan
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and the field and they refuse to play until the kid in the 10th row stops chewing gum. let's indulge the fantasy and imagine if fox news didn't exist. the good old days when the only media was a liberal one. well, obama would still be in trouble. it wasn't fox who started the tea parties. and then america went crazy with it. in fact, i would say it would be far worse for obama if there was no fox news because then he would be -- he would only have the manner -- the american people to get mad at. there is no adversary, and without fox news, who is left? you. and this is why the cry baby and chief needs us. it provides cover so obama can criticize americans without saying "those americans." you can just say fox news instead. and i don't mind. we are happy to help. if you disagree with me, you are a race i, homophobic torophobe. leeann, just forget for a
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minute whether he is right or not. obviously he has his -- he is not gonna like fox news. >> of course not. >> but should a president actually lower himself to talk about a network? shouldn't he be obsessed with iran and not fox newschannel? >> well, of course. i think there is a lot of things that president obama has been doing that have been faux-pass and talking about fox news and getting involved in the mosque downtown. i mean, putting himself in things people think he should be putting his opinion out there, why don't you try to lower taxes and lower -- help the economy and help people make -- create jobs. the reason why people are pissed off is he is doing things that are costing us money that aren't working. yeah, when he tries to say fox news, obviously that's all of the americans who don't believe the way he thinks. he is so conceited. he loves himself so much everybody should think the way he does. if he doesn't he will attack you, me and everybody else and fox news which happens to be all of the rest of the americans who don't believe his .-- his point of view.
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>> he is dreamy. >> how can you think that? >> i want to know what prescription medication you are taking. first you are telling me if he dislikes fox he hates america. so when did fox become america, and why did foxy elect obama? no, no, no. >> i don't understand your question. i didn't say fox was america. i said fox represents a large portion of americans that he doesn't like. ie, you know whenever there is a politician or republican who says something, then the democrat says that's code for racism? >> right. >> what obama does when he mentions fnc, he says that's code for red necks. he doesn't like the people -- it is not that he dislikes fnc. >> does he not speak to the people criticizing you? >> he read the questions beforehand. if i were him i would have said, no questions about fox news because that makes me look less of a president, right? >> he is doing an interview with "rolling stone." >> nobody reads that except
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dead people. >> exactly. >> he got the questions beforehand and he could have said no. bush would reject "the new york times." >> no, he didn't. >> i swear. >> andy won't because his job depends -- and he won't because his job depends on it. >> and before that clinton with "swank." every president has a publication they love-hate. >> you are wrong with "swank." he loved it. >> but they would get him into trouble. why would political heavyweights talk to "rolling stone." >> is justin bieber talking about his outfits to economists? what is going on? >> you and i both worked in magazines. this article was like 20,000 words, and it was the most fawning piece. to me if reminded me of you, bill, interviewing tara reid hoping you might get laid. didn't it feel like that?
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he thought he would sleep with president obama. >> here is the analogy, i would have interviewed tara reid for four pages -- for four days to hope to get laid. if you say, guys, here is my opus to obama. it is 500 words, don't edit a piece. i didn't have that kind of power. i did have the power to make love to tara reid, and that was after the boob job. >> i'm telling you "the rolling stone" was a journalistic reach around. >> they are in love with him. they don't care what he says. >> it was unbelievable. i will be honest with you. i couldn't finish it. obviously because i fell asleep. but it wouldn't end. did you try to read it? >> i did, but why does that surprise you? it is "rolling stone." why do you pick it up? you know what you will get. >> i read excerpts. i didn't give them my $5.
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>> the whole piece boiled down to president obama, do you think you might sleep with me? signed yon winter. >> how great would it be if he dismantled the fox news thing and how much he loved "hann ti y" and rahm emanuel, and it would turn everybody's head around. >> bottom line, fox newschannel has replaced the word wal-mart as a code phrase for white america. that's how i see it. >> that's the other thing. we are the most powerful name in news and i can't emphasize that. our rates have doubled. but we are not america. o'reilly's ratings are six million tops. this is a country of 250 million people. here is what i love, most people don't give a crap. we are in a bubble. we are in a yelling at each other bubble. most people are just trying to do their job or find a job and not complain and get on with the day. that's my america. >> you live in a bubble. >> yes, i do. i survive. >> what about tara reid? >> tea parties are big, but as far as america goes -- >> are you saying tea partiers
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are not americans? >> no, i am saying we are not america. there is a big old america out there. >> there are just as many red necks on the left out there that watch cnn and msnbc. >> totally. >> i don't think it is a red neck channel. >> we have to move on. is white really right? paul mccurio discusses that next. will drinking and drugs make you popular in high school? i don't know. i was into donkeys and diapers. it was a board game, people. f@@
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it seems slander what is only plander. i speak of allen gracen who is in a tight race and he calls them a member of the taliban and they say he was in favor
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of forcing women into submission. what is wrong with that? the problem is -- just kidding. the problem is, his opponent never uttered such a thing. in an ad released on friday, gracen accused daniel webster of being a religious nut bag and used selective editing to make it sound like women should be obedient to their husband. watch! >> i'm congressman allen gracen and i support this. >> in afghanistan and iran and right here in central florida. >> wives submit to your husband. >> he wants to impose his radical fundamentalism on us. >> she should submit to me. >> webster tried to deny batter ited women medical care. >> he wants to force raped women to bear the child. >> submit to me. >> hand off our bodies and our laws. >> that's like the most interesting thing to come out of orlando. >> so does webster really believe women should submit to him?
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actually he was saying the exact opposite if you watch his unedited remarks. we don't have time for that. we do? >> so write a journal. find a verse. i have a verse for my wife. have i verses for my wife. don't pick the ones that say she should submit to me. that's in the bible, but pick the ones that you are supposed to do. so instead that you love your wife even as christ loved the church and gave himself for it as opposed to wives submit to your husband. she can pray that if she wants to, but you don't pray it. >> i just threw up in my mouth. >> i threw up in my mouth because you said you threw up in your mouth. >> i liked the edited idea. >> let me finish, you fools. while the cam paper is standing by the ad, saying reaction is a push back from
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the webster campaign, meantime, another candidate has entered the race, an independent. on tuesday he released this ad. >> he is right on specifics, but i don't know about his platform. >> i like the trampoline platform. >> exactly. >> you can move, you can run. >> paul, he was so obviously manipulated. how did they think they would get away with it? they would have to think somebody from the opposition pulled those out. >> that's what i was thinking. the bigger problem for me is you have nothing worse than talking about religion in context than out of context.
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it is like you have a guy saying -- a guy saying to lie and a guy on the other shoulder saying thou shall not lie. and then he said, who should i screw? this is not how we should get our inrm toed decisions through 30-seconds ad. i don't see a bob's discount ad for a sleep sofa. you go down and sit on is it and try it out. the problem is they make the ads and that's the issue. >> paul, we know you pick up your sofas off the street. >> i have bed bugs. i >>- q. i know you do. i -- >> i know you do. i got them from you. leeann, we talk about lack of integrity in ads, but this one has to be the lowest of the low. >> absolutely. as a woman i am offended. seriously -- >> bill said that earlier. >> well, he is a woman too, but that's another show. what an ass. that guy is a complete jerk. for women in america where
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they have come farther than any other country in the world. it is obvious. in this day and age, it is not like you have one hour of nightly news on three channels. you can find the information. you can ibd foo the -- you can find the truth. obviously the truth is out there. you can prove the truth of it all. what a [bleep]. i'm sorry. >> that's okay. i almost admire the guy for shamelessly doing this. it is like, he didn't care. >> his female staff tried to go out there and lie and say it is completely true. what is she think ?g. >> bill, you were disappointed to find out the guy wasn't into submission. >> absolutely. i thought he had some really progressive views on women, and how they should be treating us, and what we deserve and what they should have. i'm into that. i think considering the district we should leave this up to the number one source of their economy. namely disney. mickey and mini are the only ones crubting to the orlando economy right now. we have grace on one hand.
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he likes celebrities and he likes to be shot with lyndsay lohan. he calls the paparazzi and tells them when he is with lyndsay. there are to fairy princesses or dragons in the bible, so that could hurt. >> none of this surprises me, deception in these ads. i think we should have a new standard. the fda should come in and say, i am so and so and i approve this message. they should disclose the amount of deception. 36 grams of innuendo and 40 grams of bull crap and then everybody knows how to judge it. >> i am trying to cut back on my lies. i only want 12 grams of lies. moving on, once you start killing hobos, it is almost impossible to stop. first, there is an epidemic of teens fighting teens sweeping the nation. we pick up the story where chef left off.
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it is like my dad always says, if you want to be well liked, put out. but also do drugs and drink. turns out he was right all along. turns out drinking and doing drugs as a teenager is not about having fun. it is more about maintaining your cool kid status. that's according to research from the university of montreal which i believe is in canada which studied 500 kids at three points in their lives, 10, 12 and 14. tracking their consumption of
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alcohol, marijuana and hard drugs like cocaine and fun dip, scientists found the more popular a child and their friends were, the more they consumed. so what does this mean? it means i'm board. but also it explains one researcher, quote, teenagers don't consume to belong to the group. they do it to remain well liked. you know another way to remain well liked without doing drugs? do this. >> air guitar with a wood hose in front of a wood pile. classic. does this mean that cool kids in school -- this is the way i look at it. if are you cool in school you are doing drugs, but you always end up being the drugged out loser who hangs out around afterwards because you didn't study. >> exactly, but you have a built in client base to sell drugs.
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>> kind of like you have made yourself into a capitalist. >> exactly. but the study that says kids who do drugs are troubled kids or whatever. is it really worth it? are there bullies in school saying, hey, did you hear the recent findings? do you want to read them with the cool kids? >> it gets in the hands of the science group and they go nut. leeann, does partying make you popular? does being popular allow you to party more? >> it is funny. when i was in school, i wasn't popular, but i wasn't unpopular either. >> all beautiful women say that. that's ridiculous. >> trust me. if i saw my friends now it would be like, you didn't look like that in school. >> in this case she was hideous. >> she was the guy in front of the wood pile. >> thank you. i went to parties where people were drinking and i never did. i still don't drink to this day. i have never done a drug in my life and nef smoked a cigarette. that's how square i was in school. i played sports and did well in school. i hung out with people who did it. people would pass the joint
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around me. if you were getting a ride home in a car full of kids, yeah, some are doing drugs, but i never did. i say it was my parents that taught me right from wrong and gave me the path of you shouldn't be doing this. you should study and keep yourself busy after school and learning. i never did that. i chose not to do those things. but i had a good foundation at home which is lacking. good parenting and good staw -- stability at home. >> you went out on a limb on that one. >> there are a lot of single parents that are working hard to put their kids through school that they forget to yrent pa. kids are learning from other kids. >> single parents with a lot of problems are really easy, right, bill? >> i like to use the word "prey." i know that is unfair, but i prey on them. >> i was a bit like you. i had the same situation where i were around friends that would do it and pass the joint around me. mostly because when they gave it to me i would never give it back, or i never paid.
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i would just -- and then it ran out. >> here is my theory. i didn't partake when i was in high school. i think you make a mistake to blow your wad early in life with all of the great things. it is all about maintaining the pleasures in life until you die. >> no, you don't, you just know to stop at beer 23 later in life. at 24 you start hurling and then -- >> that's your moderation? >> i am not saying don't drink and drive, but you will experiment with it, try it, see what happens. >> i think it was a stupid, destructive, idiotic study. >> the camera guys know what i am talking about. he is smoking weed right now. >> the cameraman is high. >> by the way, he is focusing on a light right now. >> right now he thinks he is doing the great american panel. >> camera 2 guy just knocked the bong over on the rug. the whole studio will smell like bong now. >> he has been calling me glen since the beginning of the show. seriously, dude, where are you? >> he thought it was founder's
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friday. >> the stage manager put a roofy in your water. >> from hin gnaw kin to hemoglobin. can a vampire flick make your kid sick? yes health officials are warning. there are groups of "twilight" obsessed teens that #r* biting each other and then licking or suckg the blood. they point to on-line groups like, i drink blood and i want to be a vampire that are filled with blood-thirsty freaks. it explains one -- explains one con us food, doc, there is such glam morization in these teen vampire movies, they make it seem sexy and appealing, and it is mixed with passion. oh shut up. anyway, are you like me and not convinced that this is real? for more we go to our vampire correspondent, count fabulous. >> ♪ i want to hold them
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♪ can't read my ♪ no can't read my poker face ♪ >> he had a compelling argument. and then i noticed he had a "mind freak" poster. you don't deserve to live. >> that was chris. >> by the way, the high cameraman is laughing. >> you thought he was laughing at you. he just laughs. >> he is laughing at last night's joke. >> he likes my earlier talking points. >> my theory is, this is one of those things that pops up after a major trend that isn't true. it is completely fake, and this doctor is quoted sh but he has no evidence. >> why would you think it is not true? we have a coffee party in this country. why would you think this couldn't exist? of course it exists. but my problem is from a parent perspective, is this the condom conversation with your kid? now you have to tell them to put on a prosthetic throat? >> true.
3:36 am
>> what kind of a conversation do you have? how are they interacting with each other? i promise i won't bleed in your mouth. >> it is a new protocol. frankly a man in his 30s won't have to deal with it. is this a real trend? >> i wouldn't put it past kids in this day and age. i don't know what it is about the "twilight" movies and the youngsters. they are so obsessed. kids, it is fake. it is a movie. >> it is not about blood. it is about abs. >> exactly. and it is about the love story. but suck ny g somebody else's blood you hardly know, hepatitis, hiv and aids, it is disgusting. what happened to hickies in high school? >> yes, what did happen to it? it ended with mono. they went hand in hand. what aim talkingout? speaking of hepatitis, there is an upside. bill, you have 17 kinds of hepatitis. at any one time. that makes you kind of
3:37 am
indestructible. no one will ever go near you which is good. >> up -- update, i just contracted hepatitis, b, d, f, e and the rare 6. not many people have heard of that. they thought only monkeys could get it. aside from the fact that i am a portal of hepatitis and my police report confirms the fact that i hate kids. i don't want to be near them. i hated them myself when i was that age. they are awful human beings. i think it is true and i will tell you why. remember "jackass" everybody was putting on the helmets and emulating them. after that it was evil caw knee value and -- evil knievel. kids are monkeys. monkey see, monkey do. they look at it and that's it. >> they think it is real. >> binging was the big thing and now you have to worry about clotting. >> it is a whole new world. >> during the "terminator" phase, guys were building giant robots. >> remember "avatar" and all those blue twerps running
3:38 am
around. >> and "titanic" people running their ships into icebergs. well, that didn't work out for you, did it? >> yeah, they drowned themselves. >> you were lighting wildfires because you were angry with the government over taxes -- maybe not. >> do you have a comment on the show? >> that was the last comment. he is back in. he's back with us. >> barely. e-mail us at red eye at fox news .com or leave a voicemail at 212-462-5050. and still to come, the half time report from andy levy. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by breakfast. the first meal of the day usually consumed in the morning that experts say is the most important. thanks, breakfast.
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welcome back. let's find out if we've got anything wrong so far.
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for that we go to andy levy. andy, did you catch the game sf -- the game? it was a game of funions. >> i heard it. my leg was acting up. >> they hit on all cleats. they were off to the gagies. >> once my leg acts up, it is all over. coffee party holds its convention. paul, you asked how progressive is the coffee party when the white guy grabs the mic from the black guy and raps? is it me or does johnny 5 make you long for the old days of vanilla ice? >> absolutely. i still have the poster in my bedroom. >> and also, paul, you said to greg -- i almost said, you head to hitler. you head so greg, are you defending hitler mustaches? aren't you jewish? only jews don't like hitler. >> they think he is great. i am going to a hitler party. >> you just wish he was a little more thorough. >> it is terrible.
3:43 am
>> it is not a good thing. >> did you notice the coffee party was predominantly white? >> it was, and old people. andy, you look handsome, by the way. >> thank you. you look beautiful. >> thank you. >> wow. do you want us to leave? >> yes, but it has nothing to do with that. >> andrew. >> paul, you said you blame facebook for all of this. and bill, you said these people aren't on facebook. in fact, the coffee party was founded on facebook. >> so facebook should have an age limit. >> you have to tell your grandma then. >> well, grandparents should be on facebook. >> no one should be on facebook. >> thank you. the reaction against facebook is now becoming as annoying as facebook. >> really? >> yeah, i was getting sick of bet betty white, now i am sick and tired of the people who are sick and tired of facebook. >> i hate facebook and i once had sex with betty white.
3:44 am
and by once iment last week. >> start a facebook group about having sex with betty white. >> i will do it on myspace. >> old school. >> johnny 5's you can't stop a movement is being in a new commercial for xlax. >> very nice. wouldn't it be for a drug that stops a movement? if you can't stove -- >> no, x lax is saying you can't stop it. as long as you can't x lax, you can't stove a movement. >> i would rather be able to stop a movement. >> that's you. other people would not like to stop it. >> this is the same discussion that lead to the formation of the coffee party. >> exactly. >> that's the problem. >> o'reilly had the same discussion on his show earlier tonight. >> it has been an hour. >> andy be quiet. our cameraman still thinks he is on o'reilly. >> greg-alogue, you said greg's logic is flawed. if someone dislikes fox he hate america?
3:45 am
>> why aim talking like a nerd all of a sudden? >> what part of that don't you understand? >> i missed the meeting. i'm sorry. >> greg and bill, you both asserted that rolling stone gave obama the questions ahead of time. can you back that up? >> absolutely not. but i'm assuming that's what happened. >> i can back it up, andrew. you are talking about my ass, right? back it up? oh, the article, i cannot back that up. i can back the ass, not the article. >> and bill, bush did not constantly rail against the "newyork times." at least not in public. one time he called adam claimer, a new reporter a major league a-hole, but didn't realize it would be picked up. >> two points, and i will grant you that. one, obama barely mentioned fox news by name. >> he mentioned it four times a day. >> no. you can't stop a movement, bill. bush would always do it to the press corp and expecting them to not mention it. >> to who? >> the press corp.
3:46 am
>> is that like the press corp? >> yes, it is. bush is saying all the time that he didn't think they would report him, and they did. >> obama has only been in office for two years and all he thinks about is fox news. to him fox news is worse than iran. >> that has nothing to do with it. >> if he said nothing about fox news, you would say he was ducking the issues and didn't want to deal with it. he can't win win either way. >> here is how he can win, paul. he can win by loving fox news. >> the same way america wins. >> as fox grows, america gets better. >> as fox grows, so does my pants. >> and he calls his opponent, taliban dan. >> you said even after it was de boppinged, a gray son -- debunked. even msnbc has gone after
3:47 am
grayson. >> right. what is this world coming to? hopeful leahy loses. >> it would be nice. >> basically, the candidates in that district are the devil and danny webster. >> you know what i like about the ad? he starts off with his babies. it says, before i trash this guy with lies, i'm a great dad. >> yeah. he's like, -- >> oh, you are going to remember this. >> i feel like he could have picked a better screen draft. >> paul, you mentioned the problem with these ads is people will watch them. every story about this mentioned his opponent danny webster launched a positive spot last week. focusing on reducing the nation's deficit. none of the story is linked to it. >> exactly. >> they are spending this money. they know people are watching it. if we stopwatching it, they stop making it. >> yep. gotta go. >> that's it? >> i guess. >> i like your tie. >> thank you.
3:48 am
>> is that it? >> we are taking a break. when we return, more crud. i came up with that.
3:49 am
3:50 am
3:51 am
you know what,-- oh hi.
3:52 am
i was just going to tell the people at home we didn't get to the last couple stories. you know what, why don't we bring andy back to briefly talk about those stories. >> go ahead and tell them. >> i just did. >> why do i waste my time with you? >> i don't know. >> sometimes i wonder why we are still together. >> right. but then you look into my eyes. >> and all is forgotten. >> students who drink and do drugs are cool. greg, you said it is like your dad always said, quote, if you want to be well liked, put out, but also do drugs and drink. >> yes. >> please stop blaming your father. >> not good. >> i know. i was just kidding. >> you are going to hell, you know that. >> yes. >> leeann, you said you never got drunk or did drugs in school. >> no. >> but you did put out, right? >> i did not. >> get out. >> i would like to say at this point we should be saw lewding -- saluting people like leeann. >> frigid women? >> i would like to disassociate myself from that remark.
3:53 am
>> this is wrong. she is a prime example. >> it is funny that it is so shocking. >> everybody would want a daughter like you. everybody would want a daughter like you. >> i wouldn't, she would be a big disappointment. >> paul, you have kids, right? >> that's what the court tells me, what's the point? >> do you have a daughter? >> i have a daughter, yes. >> ten years from now -- her last name is rowe. >> ten years from now you will be praying that you have a daughter like leeann. >> no, i want her to have children and go on welfare. that way i don't have to work and grandpa daddy takes care of the kids. he has a little drinky drinky. >> a little. >> horrible. >> by the way, this is one of the chicken and egg studies. are the students cool because they drink and do drugs? or do they drink and do drugs because they are cool? i couldn't figure it out. by the way, i am not saying it is cool to drink and do drugs in high school, but i'm wonder
3:54 am
figure that's what the study was saying. >> what the study is saying is these researchers are per verts and it was an excuse for them to hang out at high schools and they get lucky with their white paneled camper van. >> we should also ask if they are hiring. >> i think it is because i want them to be cool and hang out. >> vampire teens, leeann, you were grossed out by the idea of suckg someone's blood you barely know. first of all, don't judge. >> my bad. >> sounds like though you are okay if it is someone you know of. >> no, i still don't want to suck on the hemoglobin, thanks. >> that made it sound dirt yes, sir. >> it sounds like calling wet dreams nocturnal discharge. >> thanks, paul for ensuring this won't be rerun. >> you know, it would have been fine if that made a lick of sense. >> lick? >> let's not throw this in the
3:55 am
trash right now. >> coming from bill, bill thinks it has gone too far, well, i am outraged. >> have i to go. >> well, guess what, i will probably see you in about two minutes. >> i will be back. >> we will close things out with a post game wrap up with somebody who has been here too long. to see clips of recent shows go to
3:56 am
3:57 am
3:58 am
well, you can see me on hannity at 9 p.m. eastern. coming up tomorrow, we have return appearances from the political commentator anne coulter. he is a great guy. they will both be here in studio. i'm to go back to andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> leeann, will you be at the intrepid museum on sunday? >> i am. i will be in a charity poker tournament for the wounded warriors. it is actually wall street war
3:59 am
fighters. and it is for guys that have been wounded in iraq and afghanistan. we are trying to transition to a job on wall street. so we are playing on the intrepid. >> what about this weekend? >> i will be at my friend eva longoria's charity poker casino night with some other poker players. >> hang on, hang on. >> you are picking up my name i dropped. >> you are just jealous because you want to see eva longoria too. >> paul, where will you be performing? i. >> i will be taking money from homeless people. and then i will be in the bushes of george clooney's house. and then i will be at gothem comedy club. if you come as batman and/or robin you get a free drink. >> is that for real? >> no captain heckles? >> no chuckle heckles.


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